MOT - self gripping clamps
MOT - self gripping clamps

Self Gripping Clamps MOT

The self-gripping clamps can be used to anchor and to string conductors (aluminium, ACSR...) and steel rope.
The body is made of high strenght hot forged steel, in order to minimise the ratio between weight and working load. The galvanisation treatment on the surface protecs from oxidation.
Tesmec clamps can be provided with machined body clamps or with interchangeable jaws, as for the following tables.
The most important characteristic of the clamp with interchangeable jaws is the possibility to use the same clamp for working or conductors or ropes or OPGW of different diameters only by changing the jaws; this feature makes it possible to reduce the operating costs.
New Tesmec clamps can accept a large range of ropes and conductors diameters by using a small number of interchangeable or machined jaws.
Special clamp models without jaws are available also for use on conductors.
Special jaws are available upon request.