COI - Dielectric-Strenght Ropes
COI - Dielectric-Strenght Ropes

Dielectric-Strenght Ropes COI

3 strands rope made of high tenacity Polypropylene Monofilament fibers. It is a great rope for applications that require maximum insulating properties. During the manufacturing process, different additives are applied in order to confer excellent dielectric properties. It is produced from 6 m/m to 20 m/m.

For works in high voltage or proximity to electrical line.


  • Aerial
  • Optical fiber
  • Subterranean


Caution: We recommend to keep the rope clean and dry to assure the highest dielectric properties. If the material is not used in good conditions, we do not assure the highest dielectric protection.

In conformity with:
IEC 62192-200